The Winnovation Awards

Congratulations to our  2021 winners and finalists!

The Winnovation Awards showcases and celebrates the successes of female innovators changing the game in South Australia. The judges had their work cut out for them this year with such an extraordinary calibre of entries.

We commend all of the entrants who have contributed to making South Australia a more innovative state, as they continue to create a ripple effect through job opportunities, research capabilities and even improving our quality of life – and we are thrilled to announce the 2021 Winnovation Award finalists.

Celebrating our change makers

Annual Winnovation Awards recognise the South Australian women who are contributing to the state’s innovation economy by creating jobs, wealth and solutions to address some of the world’s biggest problems and creating positive change.

Innovation is everywhere

These Awards aim to showcase South Australia’s best female innovators, whether you are working within organisations as intrapreneurs or running your own show as entrepreneurs. Celebrating the achievements of women across all industries!
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Meet our Alumnae

Congratulations to all Winnovation Awards Winners & Finalists!

They are the unsung heroes, quiet achievers, the difference makers and the mavericks; each one dedicated to challenging the known or solving the unknown in their contribution to South Australian enterprise. Their fields of endeavour range from art to zoos; diving into the southern ocean; scanning the stars above; – or caring for the land in between. From studios to shop fronts; research facilities to workshop floors, laboratories to boardrooms.



Northern Advanced Manufacturing Group - Building the next generation of innovative women, STEM SISTA is a professional development program designed to help these future innovators achieve the goals they set for themselves in STEM related careers.
Michele Akeroyd

Michele Akeroyd

Michele provided facilitation & scientific advice resulting in SA obtaining 450GL of environmental water & $420M of Federal Government funding to support our floodplain management & irrigation industry.
Sherry Kothari

Sherry Kothari

Sherry established a $60m world class, national centre in Adelaide to focus on new cell generation, reduce their manufacturing costs, fast track them into the clinic & deliver these therapies first to Australians.
Leila Henderson

Leila Henderson

Leila created an entirely new media experience with, which enables anyone to send press releases to journalists without any knowledge of media distribution or media databases.
Karen Nelson-Field

Karen Nelson-Field

Karen’s research challenges ideas that new media requires new rules. Her social media marketing research on community content sharing is a hot topic in industry & academic publications around the world.
Deloitte’s Inspiring Women Strategy

Deloitte’s Inspiring Women Strategy

Deloitte's gender strategy, Inspiring Women, is focused on “getting our unfair share of female talent” through supporting, developing and advancing talented women across the entire span of their career.