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  • be part of a community that values the innovative efforts of women in South Australia.
  • find and celebrate aspirational role models
  • be inspired by the diversity of experience and achievements of others who are creating the future

Why join as a member?

We asked our members why they joined Women in Innovation SA, and overwhelmingly it was because they wanted to connect with like minded people, contribute their knowledge and wisdom to help others excel, and be an active participant in a social change movement.

Our members get the opportunity to both learn and teach and we value your diversity of thought, approach, style and experience.

We believe that elevating and supporting innovative women needs a collective approach.

So whether you’re working in S.T.E.A.M., a successful business person, a parent interested in changing the status quo for their daughter, a male champion of change, an intrapreneur changing the game at work, or an entrepreneur creating your own work – we’d love you to join us!

Benefits of becoming a member


Connect with like minded and motivated professionals with a passion for innovation. Learn from others and inspire the next generation.


Sharing in other innovator’s success and be a part of their journey – the ups and the downs.


As a member of Women in Innovation you are eligible to enter this year’s Winnovation Awards!


Receive members only discounts on innovation related programs and events and hear about great innovation news and opportunities


As a male or female champion of change, an employer of choice, or as a leading thinker in innovation you could open new local and global doors.


A vibrant, dynamic community and be part of a movement that is trailblazing a path for more innovative women to succeed.

Giving back

Help the State’s economy blossom through the contribution of innovators that put SA on the map globally.



Be a voice in advocating for greater awareness, promotion and opportunities for female innovators in S.T.E.A.M. industries.


Be exposed to creative and curious thinking and expertise that will inspire new achievement and challenge your assumptions.

Join as a member for only $60 per year!

As a not for profit organisation your membership and support helps to realise our mission to elevate and celebrate innovative women.